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IATA DG certificate
IATA DG certificate

Danger Goods Shipping


Airlife Freight Corp. specializes in shipping dangerous goods that many other carriers can’t or simply won't handle. With more than 40 years of experience handling hazardous materials, our consultants, couriers, and ground handlers are all extensively trained in all aspects of the dangerous goods regulations that govern all modes of transport. 


Our team of dedicated professionals are all veterans who have worked within the dangerous goods freight industry for established airlines, courier companies, freight forwarders, integrators and consultancy companies alike. A combination of our broad approach to the regulations, and knowledge of the import and export formalities required to enable safe and compliant shipment of your consignments, gives us the ability to provide our customers with the fastest delivery times for their shipments in the business.

There are nine classes of dangerous goods, plus a few sub-classes. The class your shipment falls under will affect how you pack, label and transport it.
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